Do You Have any Questions? Here Are some Helpful Answers...

Q1.  Do You Service/Repair All Makes Of Centrifuge ?

A1.  Yes, Our engineers are trained to a high standard and have gained valuable experience from working on many manufacturers products.  We actually have factory trained engineers on Sorvall, Heraeus, Kendro, Sigma and MSE centrifuges as well as being trained on Beckman, Hettich and Eppendorf.

Q2.  Can You Get The Parts To Repair Our Equipment ?

A2.   Since we were established back in 1996, we have built up lasting relationships and accounts with our suppliers and the manufacturers of laboratory equipment.  These relationships have led us to carrying out authorised service for some of the large centrifuge manufacturers.

We carry a large stock of spares and have workshops which contain further supplies if needed.

Q3.  What Additional Services Can We Expect To Recieve When We Use GTB Castle ?

A3.   When we carry out preventative maintenance contracts or repairs for our customers they can excpect friendly, knowledgable engineers who will always offer good advice.  You will recieve documents with traceability of the work carried out.  Rotor inspections are carried out free with Service Contracts and we offer you honest advice when it comes to replacing parts or repair work.

Q4.  What Experience Do You Have In The Servicing And Repair Of Laboratory Instruments ?

A4.    Although we have been established since 1996, our engineers have over 30 years experience in the field of servicing and selling centrifuges and other laboratory instruments.

Q5.  What Are The Advantages Of Using GTB Castle Instead Of Original Equipment Manufacturers ?

A5.     We can offer you an honest evaluation of your centrifuges and service to suit your needs.  We can save you time by combining contracts you may have with multiple manufacturers into one.  Our staff have been with us for many years which offers you stability and a knowledgable quality service.

Q6.  Can You Carryout The Service / Repair At A Time Convienient For Us ?

Yes, we can carryout the service/repair of your equipment whenever is most convienient for you.  We carryout service work for a number of hospitals and have arranged on occassions to start early or work later.  This works both ways as it allows us to offer you a better service on your equipment and allows you full capacity when carrying out your work.