About Us

Our engineers have been servicing centrifuges in the UK for many years.


We take special pride in providing excellent customer service to our customers with the upmost detail and care. Your centrifuges are essential and it is important they are checked reguarly to ensure they are safe and continue to run efficiently. 
Whether you are looking to refurbish, repair or service your centrifuge, rest assured that GTB Castle Limited has experienced engineers and know-how to address all of your centrifuge requirements.

Our service team is easily recognisable and as a customer you will have your own allocated engineer who you can call on for help and advise when you need it. Our employees are friendly, reliable and professional.

All our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you are looking to refurbish, repair or service your centrifuges, give us a call on 07840 191907 for guaranteed service and quality workmanship at a reasonable price.