UKAS Accreditation Information

Accredited for Calibration of Centrifuges

Temperature, Speed and Time.

UKAS ISO17025:2017 Certificate
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Welcome To GTB Castle Limited

Benchtop, Floorstanding & Ultra Centrifuge Service...

Established in 1996, GTB Castle has become one of the UK's leading centrifuge service companies offering nationwide coverage for the service of all benchtop, floorstanding and ultra centrifuges.

Our engineers are trained on all makes of centrifuges and have had many years experience servicing centrifuges having being trained directly by some of the leading centrifuge manufacturers.

We offer a range of different service plans to suit the requirements of Hospitals, Universities, Government Institutions, Veterinary Clinics and Private Medical Companies.


We also offer calibration/validation of your centrifuge using our equipment which is calibrated to UKAS standards.


If you would like to discuss the service or repair of your centrifuges then please contact us and talk to a member of our team. Contact us.


Rotor Inspections - Free For All Contract Customers

When was the last time you had your rotors inspected?


As a crucial part of your centrifuge it is important that your centrifuge rotors are inspected reguarly to make sure they are safe, have all necessary seals and are free from cracks/corrosion.  


Rotor inspections are carried out during all service visits for our contract customers.


If you are a new customer and would like your rotors checked over simply contact us today to find out more.